À la carte

Due to the COVID-19 situation, our ala carte menu is slightly limited at the moment. You can find the current menu in our restaurant.


Minute steak
Minute steak, herb butter and roasted root vegetables. Served with fries.19,00 €
Grilled steak
Grilled steak, béarnaise sauce and roasted root vegetables. Served with potato gratin.20,00 €
Pepper steak
Beef steak, black pepper sauce and roasted root vegetables. Served with potato gratin20,00 €
Sautéed reindeer
Served with mashed potatoes, lingonberries, onions and pickled cucumbers.24,00 €


Cheese & Bacon burger
Beef patty 120g, bacon, double cheese, tomato, hamburger sauce and fresh lettuce. Served with fries.12,90 €
BlueCheese Burger
Beef patty 150g, blue cheese, marinated sweet bacon, BBQ mayonnaise and fresh lettuce and rucola. Served with fries.13,90 €
Extra beef patty for burgers 3,00 €


Pulled Reindeer Burger (rye bread or normal hamburger bun)
Overcooked reindeer meat, fried egg cheese, cowberry mayonnaise, marinated red onion
and fresh lettuce. Served with fries
13,90 €
Vege Burger
Vegan vegetable steak, vege cheese, Devil’s jam, marinated red onion, vegan aioli and fresh lettuce. Served with sweet potato fries.12,90 €
Dipping sauces
Garlic / Sweet chili / Hellmann’s mayonnaise1,00 €

Snacks & Salad

Potato lattices
with two dipping sauces7,00 €
Snack hamper
Onion rings, mozzarella and jalapeño sticks, potato lattices with two dipping sauces.9,90 €
Chicken nuggets
Chicken nuggets & potato fries
large 10,00 €
small7,00 €
Chicken salad
Chicken breast, goast,s cheese, devil´s jam, marinated cherry tomate.12,50 €
FISH & CHIPS9,90 €


Served with fries and kebabsauce.9,90 €
Reindeer kebab
Served with fries and garlic kebab sauce13,90 €
Vönerkebab (vegan)
Served with fries and garlic kebab sauce13,90 €


Kids menu

Frankfurters and fries
Frankfurter sausages served with fries.5,00 €
Kid’s hamburger
Hamburger steak, cheddar cheese served with fries.9,90 €


Cold smoked salmon, chili marinade king prawns, parmesan cheese, sour cream and rucola14,90 €
Prosciuto ham, marinade cherry tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese and rucola13,90 €
Warm smoked reindeer, bread cheese, lingonberry and rucola14,90 €
Napolin Salami
Napoli salami, bacon groats, jalapeno, Devil´s jam and rucola13,90 €
KANANAS (Chicken-pineapple)
Chicken, fresh pineapple, bacon groats, halloum cheece, sweet BBQ sauce and rucola13,90 €
Vönerkebab, marinated cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, red onions and rucola12,90 €

Lactose-free and gluten-free dishes available.


Karhu 4,6% 0,5l 6,50 €
Lapin Kulta IV 5,2% 0,315l6,00 €
Tornion Panimo Original Lager 5,2 % 0,33l 6,00 €
Tornion Panimo Red Ale GL 5,2 % 0,33l6,00 €
Corona extra 4,5% 0,36l 6,00 €
Birra Poretti 4 Luppoli Originale 5,5% 0,33l6,90 €
Budějovický Budvar Lager 4,7% 0,5l7,90 €
Budějovický Budvar Dark Lager 4,7% 0,5l 7,90 €
Duckstein Weizenn 5,3 % 0,5l7,90 €
Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc 5,0% 0,5l7,90 €


Red wines
Lyric Merlot Corvina 12%, Italy
12 cl 4,80 €
bottle 30,00 €
Bright Side Cabernet Sauvignon 12,5 %, Spain
bottle 32,00 €
Finca de Oro Rioja 13%
bottle 34,00 €
White wines
Lyric Pinot Grigio 12%, Italy
12 cl 4,80 €
bottle 30,00 €
Lazy Bones Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 13%, Australia
bottle 34,00 €
Sparkling wines
Vignana Prosecco Extra Dry 11,5%
bottle 34,00 €
Pere Ventura Brut Cava 11%
Piccolo 18,7 cl 8,90 €

Other drinks

Crowmoor Extra dry apple 4,7% 0,33l 6,00 €
Somersby Pear 4,5% 0,33l 6,00 €
Somersby Apple sweet 4,5% 0,33l 6,00 €
Long drinks
Long drink Sinebrychoff 5,5% 0,33l6,00 €
Soft drinks 0,5l 3,50 €
Vichy 0,5l 3,50 €
Alcohol-free beer 0,33l 3,50 €